Weiss / Wit
General Information
Method: All Grain

After work brew day (bad idea!) that ended around midnight. 

Mashed in at 120 (was shooting for a fuerlic acid rest at 113 but didn't catch that the mash water heater was on manual and overshot my strike water. Added ice to bring it down but that added too much water and things went off from there. 

I mashed pils and white wheat for 20 mins at 120 then raised to 150 for 60 mins. 90 min boil while I took a bit of wort on the stovetop and steeped some old fashioned Quaker Oats. I boiled this and added it to the witbier half after transferring the weiss portion to the fermenter. This added a significant amount of oat goo to the beer which hopefully adds something extra to the beer. 

Pitched weissbier yeast (3068) at 60, increasing temps 2 set per day for 5 days or so. 

Pitched the witbier yeast (3499) around 67 and brought it inside to ferment at ambient (75ish). 



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